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Monocle: Post Modern

Like other state-owned mail services, Swiss Post is under pressure from private-sector competition and the internet, but it is not running scared. The firm is transforming itself into a media and technology brand. (February 2010)

The New Republic: The Disruptive Paperboy

Is a newspaper delivery network the solution to Jeff Bezos’s last-mile problem? (August 6, 2013)

The Boston Globe: Brands on the Run

How corporate name-dropping became the new language of the presidential campaign. (February 10, 2008)

Monocle: Make Some Dough

Pizza has long been heralded as a cheap, all-American staple. But delegates at Las Vegas’s International Pizza Expo were also witness to a booming artisanal pizza trend – and some dough tossers to boot. (May 2011)

HBS Alumni Bulletin: Disrupting India’s Dental Market

How consistency fueled an upstart chain’s rapid expansion. (June 2018) 

HBS Alumni Bulletin: Democratizing Data to Favor Farmers

Farmers Business Network is arming American farms with analytics. (March 2018)

HBS Alumni Bulletin: A Jolt for the African Coffee Industry

The challenges of creating a café culture in Nigeria. (September 2017)

HBS Alumni Bulletin: Democratizing Funding, Diversifying Funders

An equity angel investing startup bets on better ideas by broadening the funding pool. (December 2018)

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