Host an Engagement Party

Give your friends a sneak preview of The Engagement with a new-style book party/salon/fundraiser hybrid for these pandemic times.


Invite your friends to meet Sasha Issenberg to hear about the book ahead of anyone else — before he does any media interviews about it or book-tour-style events elsewhere — and ask him about other topics, like the 2020 elections and how campaigns are navigating the pandemic. Your friends will get a signed hardcover copy of The Engagement as soon as it is published, and you’ll raise money for your favorite charity and support a local bookstore when they are most in need of a boost.


Here’s how it works:


1.  Select a local bookstore you want to support.  All the book sales for the event will be purchased through your preferred shop, delivering crucial business in tough times.


2.  Pick a charity to benefit from the fundraiser.  (Any non-profit public charity will work.) We expect to set ticket prices at $50, but can increase to raise more proceeds for charity.  If you care a lot more about helping the charity than your local bookstore, we can be sure to order the books from Amazon or another discount retailer so as to maximize the donation. 


3. We’ll work together to figure out how best to structure the conversation for your crowd. Do you want a single interviewer to interview Sasha or have it all open for Q&A from attendees? We would love for someone you know, from your community, to lead the questioning, but if no one comes to mind we can help to bring in a questioner — an expert in the subject or one of Sasha’s journalist-pals. 


4. We’ll find a date in September and prepare an invitation to be sent to your friends.  They’ll receive a message with information on the event and the cause you’re supporting, with a link to buy a ticket. 

Those who do will get Zoom log-in information for the event, and by mail a package including a signed nameplate — with the choice of having it personally inscribed.  (Any party attendee, including those who have already pre-ordered a copy, can have the book shipped as a gift and direct Sasha on how to inscribe it for the recipient.)  Books will arrive directly from the bookstore on or around publication on September 29. 

Ready to Save the Date?

Use the form below to express interest in scheduling an Engagement Party. Mary Krause will follow up to help guide you through the process.

To schedule an event with Sasha, please contact Mary Krause:


For publicity inquiries, contact Jessica Purcell at Pantheon Books:

Write Sasha with notes, tips, leads and ideas at:

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