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Legal Affairs: Shanghaied
Mr. Liu keeps film buffs in Fassbinder, Kurosawa, and Antonioni. Cheap.
(March/April 2006)

Slate: Knock, Knock

In Mexico, polling is done the old-fashioned way: In person. Could this be the future of polling in post-land-line America? (June 29, 2012)

Monocle: Separate Lives

In October the Dutch island of Curaçao will become a new semi-autonomous nation. It’s hoping that its proximity to South America will make it an ideal gateway for European countries doing business in the region. But first it has to decide what currency to use. (April 2010)

Monocle: Full-Speed Ahead

Riding the rails in Europe with America’s transportation secretary. (July/August 2009)

Slate: The American Connection

François Hollande has embraced the tactics of Obama’s 2008 campaign—and it might win him the French election.

(April 20, 2012)

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